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True Broadband Networks Delivers the Best in Connectivity

The best option in high speed Internet - fixed wireless service from True Broadband Networks is outperforming other providers serving your area. With better speeds and more security than DSL, T-1 and cable service, wireless Internet users benefit from service that is uncapped, resistant to bad weather, and has minimal latency. Speeds for both uploads and downloads begin at 10 Mbps.

Fixed wireless Internet brings you cutting edge technology that lets you do all of the things you want to do online. Digital signals make it easy to use the Internet, even those tasks that require high speed. Enjoy fast-twitch gaming, Skype, VPN usage, streaming video and so much more.

Broadband Internet Connects You To the World

True Broadband Internet brings you fixed wireless Internet service – a service delivered using radio waves from a tower installed in your community. Because there are no wires or cables, set-up and installation is easy and quick. You are never limited in where you can use your Internet service. You take it where you want it to go and use it with any Internet-enabled device.

Discover Broadband Phone Service

Broadband phone service from True Broadband Internet gives users affordable, high-quality home phone service via their Internet connection. Plans include unlimited local and nationwide calling. The clarity of digital phone lines means you get service you can rely on without compromising.

Experience Broadband Video

Delivered via our fixed wireless Internet, Broadband video allows you to stream movies and TV shows On Demand at a time that is convenient for you. It allows for ease of conferencing, HD broadcasting, and surveillance. Internet TV receivers that can be placed on or near your TV provide convenience and complete control.

True Broadband Networks connects select areas of Kansas City to the Internet, with cutting edge fixed wireless service. Call now to learn all about how our service can change how you experience the net.

BroadBand Internet
Broadband Internet image
arrow Faster & More Secure than Cable, DSL & T-1
arrow Upload & Download Speeds start at 10 Mbps
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BroadBand Phone
Broadband Phone image
arrow Unlimited local & domestic Long-Distance
arrow Reliable, Clear, Digital, Less Expensive
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BroadBand Video
Broadband Video image
arrow Movies streamed to your TV OnDemand from Internet
arrow Surveillance & Conference
arrow HD Video Broadcasting
arrow Internet TV Set-Top-Players
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What Can BroadBand do for you?
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