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About Us

True Broadband Networks delivers state-of-the-art broadband communications connectivity that is purely digital, simply reliable with blazing speeds to and from the Global Internet Network.

About True Broadband Networks

True Broadband Networks offers broadband Internet, broadband phone and broadband video services to business and residential customers in select parts of the Kansas City metropolitan area.

Our company was founded in 2004 by William Wells, Jr., a wireless and broadband industry veteran. With a vision to deliver next-generation communication services, his mission was to build a company that delivers superior communication services at affordable prices, accessible to all. Our growing company serves both business and residential customers in the Kansas City urban core and surrounding areas with plans to expand to additional markets in 2010.

Built specifically to unleash the power of the Internet, our network design provides truly fast, truly secure, broadband-capacity, digital communications solutions.. Using a combination of fixed wireless technology and fiber, our network connects directly to the Internet, completely bypassing the analog local loop used by telephone and cable companies.
Unlike traditional phone and cable companies, our service is true broadband. This allows us to provide our customers faster Internet speeds with upload speeds equal to that of download speeds. Our service is also more secure. Data traveling across our network reaches its destination safely and uncorrupted because we use an encrypted packet switched network with destination specific (point-to-point) routing. And, because our network design allows us to completely bypass the local loop, we don’t pay access fees to phone and cable companies who provide traditional connectivity to the Internet. This results in cost savings that allow us to deliver lower cost, affordable prices.

Diverse, Dynamic, Driven, Global

The core group of True Broadband Networks were united via the Internet over 3 years ago. Each entrepreneurs specializing in a core function of what cumulatively makes what is the true broadband service offerings. After developing lifelong friendships the core group decided to unite their areas of expertise and form one company to provide global enhanced communications services.
William Wells Jr.
President, Founder,
Chairman of the Board
Resides in Kansas City, MO
Mr. Wells is the founder and leader of the True Broadband team.

This entrepreneur had a vision over 5 years ago that he would build a company that provided next generation telecom services without the need to leverage the archaic networks of the existing telephone and cable companies.

Previously serving as president of Apollo Broadband Inc. and Executive Vice-President of Grand Communications Inc.,

Mr. Wells leveraged his experience in the cellular phone and broadband industries to develop the business strategy of deploying wireless technology as "the last-mile access" to deliver superior communications services at prices affordable and accessible by everyone.

Despite being under funded for several years the will and drive of Mr. Wells kept the vision alive and the company quickly evolving into the consumer choice of preference of broadband and telephone services.
"Independence is my happiness and view things as they are without regard to person or place. The world is my community and my religion is to do good."
Tom Paine
Robert Zoch III
Chief Technology Officer
Resides in Houston, TX
Mr. Zoch is one of the original founders and the initial Developer behind the Loyaltyplus technology.

With a degree in Electrical Engineering, Mr. Zoch started his carrier developing Automated testing systems for Subsea control modules developed by TRW/Ferranti Subsea which managed hi-fault tolerant Subsea Oil field equipment. After 5 Years with TRW/Ferranti, Mr. Zoch started Digital Marketing Corp which focused on Custom Software applications, and out-sourced IT support for Lantastic, Novel, Windows, OS2, and UNIX networks.

After developing one of the first Fax Distribution/Advertising applications, he was introduced to Robert Blackburn and joined companies to form Virtual Network Company and ALLBILL Corporation. As the key developer and Chief Technology Officer of ALLBILL Corp, Mr. Zoch designed and wrote a premier billing system ALLBILL, which was deployed along with the Ascend MAX product as the suggested billing system for the Ascend MAX products.

As the Chief Technology Officer of VNC, Mr. Zoch lead a team of 30 technical personnel to deploy one of the first Nationwide Voice Over IP networks in the US consisting of 34 locations covering 43% of the US population. During this time, and to date, Mr. Zoch along with Marc Fitzhugh have been creating the ultimate Telecom Switch for enhances services, including Financial IVR applications, specialty calling card applications, full unified messaging applications, and bringing it all to internet technology companies.
Cardelia Walker
Chief Operations Officer
Resides in Kansas City, MO
Cardelia Walker brings over 30 years experience in business development, management and marketing to the True Broadband team.

A Kansas City native with an entrepreneurial spirit, Mrs. Walker founded At Your Service, a Medicare certified home health Agency in 1985.

By 1993 At Your Service had become the largest African-American owned home health health agency in the state of Kansas, employing over 125 people. The company was awarded Service Firm of the Year by the Small Business Administration in 1994 and was a finalist in Ernst & Young's Entrepreneur of the Year in 1995.

To provide computerized support services to other businesses in the industry, Mrs. Walker founded Health Care Management Corporation in 1996.

A strong commitment to her community resulted in Community Health and Education Services (CHES), a not for profit (501-C3), which sponsored various programs such as Spring Forward Youth Expo, Family Health Chronicles video series, Positive Single Parents Program and Guess Who Productions, a college fund-raising organization.

A graduate of the University of Colorado at Boulder, Mrs. Walker held marketing and management positions with IBM Corporation, AT&T, and Southwestern Bell prior to becoming a business owner.
Leigh Anne
Vice President of Sales
Resides in Kansas City, MO
After graduating with a degree in Graphic Design
Leigh Anne Lauderdale serves as the Sr. Vice President of Sales for True Broadband.

A 1999 graduate of the University of Missouri-Columbia, Ms. Lauderdale brings to True Broadband ten years of management and sales experience. After graduating with a degree in Graphic Arts, Ms. Lauderdale went on to pursue her career in retail management and sales overseeing a staff of 12 to 20.

During this time she gained project management experience and displayed her abilities to run a meticulous business and drive sales, always ranking in the top 25 out of about 400 managers in the company.

Diego Riobo
Branding & Web Design
Resides in Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA

Graduated in GRAPHIC DESIGN in the UNIVERSIDAD DE PALERMO, with one of the hightest califications of that year.
Specialized in CORPORATE IMAGE, with even higher califications. With all this I got the degree of GRAPHIC DESIGNER especialized in CORPORATE IMAGE (BRANDING).
His Corporate Area is the Survey, Development and Implementation of Global and Particular Strategies. Corporate Image and Communication Strategies.
Also marketing and design decisions. Creation and design of House Organs, Newsletters, Internet and Intranet websites, institutional CDs, multimedia demostrations.
His Design Area is the Development of all the communication media for a company, graphic in 2D and 3D, mutimedial presentations, and internet solutions.



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