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Unleash the power of Internet

  · Unlimited local and domestic long distance.
  · Call Waiting, Caller id, Call Forwarding & Voicemail included.
  · Keep you same phone number.
  · Phone numbers available from over 254 cities in the United States.
  · e911 & e411 standard on all phone lines.
  · Locally based 24/7 tech & account support.
$ 24 95
(per month, per line)

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$ 29 95
(per month, per line)

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Why you need our service

Communications is the lifeblood of your business. So, dependable, efficient phone service is a must have, not a nice to have.
Rely on True Broadband Networks to provide you clear, reliable digital phone service AND put money back in your wallet.

Our digital phone service saves you up to 50% over other local phone service providers and delivers to you enhanced standard features at no additional charge.
$ 15 95
(per month)

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Apollo One

• One point access for incoming communications – Receive all of your messages, voicemail, email and fax, from your email inbox. Save time without having to check in multiple locations. (? – can wireless voicemail also be retrieved?)
• Break free from your fax line - Eliminate your dedicated fax line. Incoming faxes go directly to your email account.
• Always be available to important clients. Route calls to a specific phone number (wireless, office, home) with the Find Me/Follow Me feature. You’ll never miss an important call again.

Other features:
• Voicemail
• Toll-free number
• Faxmail
• Conferencing

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BroadBand Internet
Broadband Internet image
arrow Faster & More Secure than Cable, DSL & T-1
arrow Upload & Download Speeds start at 10 Mbps
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BroadBand Phone
Broadband Phone image
arrow Unlimited local & domestic Long-Distance
arrow Reliable, Clear, Digital, Less Expensive
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BroadBand Video
Broadband Video image
arrow Movies streamed to your TV OnDemand from Internet
arrow Surveillance & Conference
arrow HD Video Broadcasting
arrow Internet TV Set-Top-Players
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What Can BroadBand do for you?
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