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Address: 1105 E. 31st St.
Kansas City, MO 64109
Corporate Phone: 816.234.8783
Corporate Fax: 800.216.1972
Sales Inquiries 816.256.2323
Customer Service 913.967.0849
Corporate Email: [email protected]
What makes True Broadband Netwworks digital service better?
Our network design allows us to completely bypass the analog local loop thus eliminating the need to convert analog signals to digital with a modem. This allows us to provide a more secure, faster connection to the Internet at a lower cost. Plus, because our service is true broadband, we offer upload speeds that are as fast as the download speeds.
DSL and Cable providers offer digital, broadband Internet service as well, don´t they?
A true broadband internet connection must deliver symmetrical speeds, both upload and download. Neither DSL or Cable can do this, as they both convert analog signals from retrofitted networks designed for other purposes. The lack of a true, broadband signal impacts speed, security and cost for the Internet user.
What is upload speed and why is it important to me?
Upload speed is the rate at which emails and files are sent (uploaded) via the Internet. With the increasing popularity of video-conferencing, webinars and other communications tools that require larger files to be sent, upload speeds become crucial to uninterrupted "real time" Internet Connections.
How does your service improve my data security?
Cable and DSL generated data (e-mails, attachments and content) travel freely over the Internet, before they find their proper destination.
This increases delivery time and risks file corruption. Because we built an encrypted packet switch network, data is sent via data packets using destination-specific (point to point) routing, alowing messages to arrive faster and intact.
What allows True Broadband Networks to offer lower costs?
Because we have direct access to the Internet, we don´t have to pay usage fees to any of the companies who own the cable and phone line networks. We pass this cost savings on to you, our customer!
How do I get started?
Give us a call to sign-up. We start with a site analysis scheduled at your convenience to determine the optimal network configuration for your location. We can then quote you the installation fee and schedule and installation date.
Call 816.234.8783 today to sign up
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