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Why Broadband?

• The fastest speeds and the most productivity

• The highest level of security and the most peace of mind

• Access to more communication and entertainment services to improve business productivity and enhance your life

Internet Speed Comparisson

Mbps: >1 1 3 5 7 10 15 20 25
            with available speeds
up to 25 Mbps
            with available speeds
up to 25 Mbps
        advertise with available speeds
up to 25 Mbps

Monthly Pricing

per second
Monthly Pricing
1 $200
3 $300
9 $800
20 $1,500
100 $6,000

Advantages Title

Broadband Internet is superior to other Internet access because of its ability to deliver greater speed with increased security at a lower cost. For Internet access to be considered broadband, it must provide symmetrical upload and download at Internet speeds of at least 10 mbps via a 100% digital connection.

Our network was designed and built to deliver broadband Internet which maximizes productivity with the fastest upload and download Internet speeds available. And, as the most secure connection available, important information and communications via the internet can be sent and received with complete peace of mind.

The broadband Internet capability of True Broadband Networks also allows you to use your Internet access for a wider variety of other communication and entertainment services that require large bandwidth.

With your True Broadband Networks Internet service, you can purchase equipment or software from one of our partners to enable services including video surveillance, video conferencing and Movies on Demand. Our technicians are available to assist you with consultation and installation of our partner services.


Our Broadband Services
True Broadband Networks’ services include Internet access and phone communications with offerings from our partners to enable applications like video conferencing, video surveillance and Movies on Demand.

Broadband Internet Access
• With upload speeds as fast as download speeds, sharing large files and content over the internet is faster and easier. Learn more (Links to Internet service page)

Broadband Phone Service
• Crystal clear voice communications for both business and residential customers. Learn more (Links to Phone Service Page)

Broadband Video Applications
• Video Conferencing
   o Save time and money when you use your computer for video conferencing
• Video Surveillance
   o Affordable and secure, professional grade video surveillance that is easy to install and comes with free technical support.
• Movies On Demand
   o High definition video content delivered to your TV. Watch Netflix Movies and TV episodes instantly.

Last Mile Solutions
True Broadband Networks offers a last-mile solution for carriers, ISPs, CLECs and LECs providing substantial cost savings when local loop charges for point-to-point connections are as expensive as or more than the actual bandwidth costs. Point-to-point connections are available from building to building or from building to Central Office.

What makes us different?

True Broadband Networks (TBN) is a broadband provider. Our network is built to provide direct access to the Internet unlike phone and cable companies who provide Internet and communications services using retrofitted networks designed for other local phone and TV transmission. This allows us to provide truly faster Internet download AND upload speeds and improved security sending data across the internet at a lower cost than other Internet providers.

We provide upload speeds at the same rate as download speeds something only a true broadband service can provide. With increasing need to share content over the Internet and the growth of video applications, the ability to send files and data as quickly as possible is just as important as the ability to quickly download information from the Internet. .

Our service is also more secure. Data traveling across our network reaches its destination safely and uncorrupted because we use an encrypted packet switched network with destination specific (point-to-point) routing.

Just as importantly, our network was built to provide Internet connectivity and communication services at affordable prices, available to everyone. Our network connects directly to the Internet, completely bypassing the traditional local loop owned by phone and cable companies. As a result, we pay less to reach the Internet, passing this savings on to our customers.

BroadBand Internet
Broadband Internet image
arrow Faster & More Secure than Cable, DSL & T-1
arrow Upload & Download Speeds start at 10 Mbps
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BroadBand Phone
Broadband Phone image
arrow Unlimited local & domestic Long-Distance
arrow Reliable, Clear, Digital, Less Expensive
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BroadBand Video
Broadband Video image
arrow Movies streamed to your TV OnDemand from Internet
arrow Surveillance & Conference
arrow HD Video Broadcasting
arrow Internet TV Set-Top-Players
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Broadband Telehealth

Broadband Education

Broadband Entertainment

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